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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Assumptions about blogs

Alright, so this semester has opened my eyes to the hundreds of thousands of people who are blogging all over the world. Maybe I didn't notice this before, or maybe I didn't want to notice this because I somehow thought that these people were just people with strong opinions. Throughout this class so far I've found people that not only take blogging very seriously, but in fact treat it like a job. So, although I haven't completely seen blogs as a valid use of journalism I am taking them much more seriously than I have before. Maybe they will someday reach real journalism for me, but nothing really beats sitting down and reading the USA Today or some other stodgy old paper for information. It is possible that I think newspapers are better because people get paid for the work they put in, or maybe just because it has been done this way for hundreds of years. Whatever the case may be, I am skewed the way of papers and their production and will be for quite some time to come. No offense to those with an attraction to blogging and other people's blogs, but i just see opinions, not crafted stories. I guess this just serves the old-timer in me.


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