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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Beyond blogging assumptions

Blogging seems to be one of those highly-technical, new-wave modes of self expression and communication that has always been slightly beyond my grasp in terms of time and technical savvy. Bloggers seem to take many different forms, most simply divided into the more professional bloggers (concerned with commentary and the dissemination of information) and those that "blog" as means of self expression, using blogging as an online diary or journal. Blogging seems to be an interesting way to increase the marketplace of ideas, to learn, and to express oneself. The limitlessness of the space on the web allowed for such expression, however, seems to make it difficult to even know where to begin reading and understanding blogs or participating in the discussion that occurs on the web via bloggers. For me, reading and keeping abreast of blogs and the new ideas and perspectives within them has always seemed overwhelming. There are innumerable connections between blogs, comments on blogs that stemmed from posts on another so numerous that the origin of the conversation seems impossible to locate. Often times I find a post on a blog interesting. But, it is difficult to follow the conversation in the reverse order that it occured. And, yet, how do you find where it began?

As I begin this endeavor to read blogs, understand them, and to create my own blog, I still feel as though the whole task is overwhelming. However, I feel that in the confined setting of this class I will be able to understand blogging through small steps. The class readings have not yet challenged my feeling of being overwhelmed. The numerous blogging site options for a new blogger are numurous in themselves. I have set up a blog through guidance, but am still lost as to what to begin writing about. It seems rare to have an opportunity to freely choose what to write about rather than to be told by a professor or boss what your specific assigned task is. That freedom of choice can be overwhelming. The readings thus far have not yet helped guide me as to what to write. Although, admittedly, I have not yet done extensive reading outside the assigned class readings. I imagine though, at this point, that my blog will be as random as I am. I have diverse interests and ever-changing thoughts that will most likely be reflected in my blog posts. I am not sure if I would, on my own accord, limit myself to single area (politics, weather, butterflies, basketball). But, isn't blogging about the freedom to write whatever you want, the freedom to comment and discuss whatever is of interest to you at whatever moment you choose? I think so. So far I haven't found anything that challenges that assumption. Although, there are blogs that are largely confined to the same topic, I think that occurs because the writer is primarily concerned with that topic.

The essence, I suppose, is that my feelings, my perceptions of blogging are still as much in flux as is blogging (the practice) itself.

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