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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Beyond Blogging Assumptions

Coming into this class I don't believe I necessarily had any "assumptions" about blogs or blogging, but like many of the other students much of the experience and exposure I had was with personal, journal-style blogs. I was aware of the other forms of blogging such as news, music, or political opinion blogs, but they were not something I spent much time or effort looking into. Now that I am in this class and have taken the time to explore the many different possibilities of blogging content I have started to consider a suitable topic for my own blog. One of the ideas I had was to start my blog as a documentation of my experience going through a marathon training class that I recently signed up for. I thought this topic would provide a good way for me to not only track my personal progress in this endeavor, but it could also be used as a vehicle to present news on health and fitness, and links to other sites about marathon training or events, or to blogs of people going through a similar experience. My hope would be to shape it after some of the blogs mentioned in the reading for the first class, "Final Version of Weblog Definiton." The author writes, "...weblogs connect frequent but dissimilar entries by making a larger narrative explicit: Flight Risk is about an heiress’s escape from her family, The Date Project documents a young man’s search for a girlfriend, and Julie Powell narrates her life as she works her way through Julia Child’s cookbook." So, essentially my blog would be a narrative of my day to day experiences--the struggles and the accomplishments--as I navigate through my classes and training. This is a preliminary idea, so I would appreciate any comments or suggestions (boring topic? focus too narrow?) as I consider it further.


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