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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Blogs Blogs Blogs

At the start of this class, I have a lot of jumbled thought about blogs, and the Internet in general. In a geeky way... I think 'virtual life' is fascinating. It's bizarre (but bizarre can be a good thing, depending on your viewpoint) that a person can have a whole life existing on the Internet. I don't mean to sound disconcerted with the real world, but I think that the Internet needs to be explored and studied as a medium that has a great impact on 'real life.' (And I know, it has been, and continues to be studied- with proof being the existence of this class.)

With that said- even if it was more complicated that I anticipated- I see blogs as a new medium for social interaction- or maybe new is not the world, maybe increasingly important medium is better said. This idea begins at what falls under the definition of a "blog." I see blogs as a medium for interaction between a person and what interests them. Different things interest different people and this stems from what a person interacts with every day. But there is always the underlying question of what subject matter merits the term blog, and when to draw the line between blog and journal. This is why I think blogs are so interesting, because there is no all-powerful force that monitors and categorizes. I like how the world of blogs is left to personal interpretation, and does not exclude.

Mirroring real world social interactions, it seems that virtual interactions would classify and categorize all on their own. This may be reading in too far... but I think this leaves potential for "virtual clicks." Or maybe a better term would be communities. It seems that blogs lead to the development of virtual communities that may mirror real world communities- like our class, and our blog- but what is fascinating about the Internet, is that these connections do not have to mirror the real world, they can exist only on a virtual level.

Upon entering this class, I had a lot of interaction reading blogs, but not a lot on making blogs. As I am sure you have gathered from the above rambling, I am excited to study blogs as a form of social interaction.

A note: This post was written with my English 4040 class in mind for an audience. On the slim chance that a stranger wanders onto my blog- they should note that I am taking a course on blogs, which has resulted in the creation of this blog.

Note- you can also read this fascinating ramble on my blog.


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