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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Bob Loblaw's Law Blog **

What's a blog? There are blogs about blogs and blogging that will answer this question. The more appropriate question to begin this musing is what is a blog to me? Being in a blogging class this semester (yes, they really do offer those) has given me a lot of food for thought on the subject. I will probably be creating an ancillary blog for that class only, just so that I can gain focus (and hopefully an endless stream of things to write about). But that begs the question, what is so important to me that I would want to (or be able to) write about it at least three times a week?

I've really been thinking about how my perception of blogs has changed since I started this one in October 2004. After 95 posts I have certainly seen a lot of changes in the way I approach this project. Initially I began the blog as a simple and less exhausting way to keep in touch with my extended family. Around the time I started the blog I was having some health issues that everyone constantly wanted updates about, the blog, therefore, was a quick way to let everyone who wanted the info get it. I quickly found my stride with that aspect and began to take a more writerly approach to my updates (the best example can be found here, where I recount my surgical experience). At the same time that I started the blog, there were also the 2004 Presidential elections, which found their way onto my blog, simply because it was the best place for me to vent my frustrations. That was my first divergence away from simply chronicling things that happen to me (which is quite frankly kinda boring because quite frankly I'm kinda boring) and actually using my blog as a forum for me to rant.

Then one day in August of last year I got an itch I had to scratch. I have been interested in Photoshop for a long time (virtually my entire college career) and have learned all the ins and outs of the program, but I have always lacked the creative inspiration to create art of my own using the program. For some weird reason, though, I all of a sudden had an idea and I actually translated it from brain to paper (that doesn't usually happen). I remember the panic I felt as I posted it up on my blog (it's so exposed and anyone can see it!) because I had never intended my blog to be a showcase of my more secret side. I'm the kind of person who doesn't like to turn in assignments because I have an deep seated fear of being wrong. But I took a risk, a huge one (it still makes my heart flutter). At first I didn't make a big deal about it, but it was a huge rush to have something like that out there in the world. My rush was intensified when a total stranger (don't ask me how she found my blog) commented. From then on I was hooked.

I quickly revamped my approach to my blog, adding a much more interesting title than Megan's Blog, and realized that I finally had a place where I could indulge myself and my passing (and sometimes not so passing) interests virtually anonymously. I have always been a would be artist, or a would be writer, but I've never had the courage to actually put pen to paper, much less put it out where people can see it. But I have the firm belief that the internet inspires courage and breaks down people's inhibitions, otherwise we wouldn't the bazillion niches out there on the world wide web. So my blog became the place where (as I say in my description) I could become an ideal verison of myself, even if that simply means trying something new and it has remained that to this day.

I've heard other blogs comment or post about how blogging has becomes such an intrinsic part of their lives, how it's akin to breathing. I don't think I'm quite that involved in it (sorry again for the recent two month gap, but what are you gonna do?), but I there have been many surprising personal benefits to the habit. For example, that fear I mentioned about turning in papers for school has almost completely vanished (except when I know I'm turning in subpar work) if anything it's exhilirating to know sometimes that what I'm submitting is both 100% valid (because in English interpretations can't be wrong - now why didn't I figure that out sooner?) and not a slightly different version of someone else's paper (no I don't plagirize, you know what I mean). This blog has inspired me to take more risks and the wonderful (and extroadinarily surprising) reception I have recieved to my work, in particular my illustrations, has given me a lot more confidence in everything I do.

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