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Thursday, January 26, 2006

my thoughts on blogging

week 2;1(2)

1. What I found interesting in the first reading, "Blogging 101" is the idea of the "watchblog." I never would have thought of blogging as a way to "keep the media honest." According to this principle, the blog serves as a form of checks and balances for today's media.
2.In the second article, "There is a Blog in Your Future," I liked the idea of the author considering the blog as a hobby or interest. Twenty years ago who would've thought that maintaining a webpage is as much a hobby as playing a sport? However, the way the author poses her argument opens up a new argument of persuasion for me; Can the blog be considered a concrete form of literature?
3. What I like best in the last assigned article, "The Art of Blogging," are the definitions and "truths about blogging" outlined. The author begins by stating the defintion of blogging as hard to define because it is so new. Much like the internet when it first came about, blogging is just in its beginning stages and eventually will reach into a whole new realm of development and use.

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