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Friday, February 10, 2006

Better late than never

I was supposed to post last week about three exemplary blogs. Well.. a week later, I am getting around to that task.

Apartment Therapy
This is a blog devoted to "Helping people to make their apartments better places to live." I introduced my roommate to this blog about a year ago, and we have both been avid readers since. It is basically a blog aimed at good home design. I am a stickler for good design, which is the main reason why this post is so late. I spent most of my weekend trying to learn a few basics of CSS. Bad design makes me cringe.

Maud Newton
As I mentioned in a previous post, I used to be pretty engulfed in literary blogs. Maud Newton's blog is one I frequented. Her posts sometimes rely on the reader being as informed as she is on all things literary, so I sometimes get lost. However... ocassionally I do comprehend what she is talking about, so I continue to read. If you ever need a few hundred hours of entertainment, check out her huge links page.

The Elegant Variation
This is a blog I stumbled onto recently. I scoured his archives, to see if I missed anything incredibly interesting. And I did! He posted in a topic I posted on (along with the rest of literary community I am sure) which was the supposed retirement of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I liked that he had linked an article I had not seen yet. It is nice to get others perspective on an issue.

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