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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

blog favorites???

I'm having trouble locating blogs, and therefore blog entries that I really like. A lot of blogs make for interesting, often controversial reads, but there is a distinct difference between interesting and likable. I have discovered however that blogs are a good way to get good movie reviews. But then again that is dependent on finding a blogger whom you like and who's opinion you trust and find compatible to yours. so, if it safe to say that I'm still working on finding that one blogger that I will love to share opinions and reasonings with on a regular basis.
I did find a blog titled, Just Well Mixed that I instantly took a liking to. It begins really intellectual and goes on in a sophisticated fashion, void of harsh overtones and opinions, although I do understand that part of the blogs definition lies in the slighted opinion of its author but I appreciated the balanced viewpoint originally offered in "Just Well Mixed." I say originally because as it went on, I saw some elements of not necessarily biased but inconsiderate viewponts surrounding the controversy of the deaths of those recently killed while in protests of the cartoon in Afghanistan. I also want to make note that this blogger identified himself by first and last name. I actually have yet to read a blog (actually there was one) that doesn't attempt to approach controversial issues. I'm not sure if I should consider that a good or bad thing. The weblog was created as a means for every-day people to be able to express their opinion at will but I'm still skeptical due to the fact that the ability to remain anonymous and unthreatening to myself or future employers is now in question.


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