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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Blogs and Mass Media

Something I have been thinking about after reading the articles is MASS media. I am not attempting to discount blogs as journalism by any means. I definetly think that some blogs can be considered serious journalism. However, one of the abilities that mass media outlets, such as television news and newspapers, have over blogs is the ability to literally reach masses. Although the internet is available to everyone, not everyone utilizes it. (I know this brings up a hot journalism topic of Broadcast Journalism as "real" journalism- but I think we'll leave that for a different class at a different time.)

The example that I am thinking of is James Frey and his Oprah Book Club scandal. Although broke the story, mass media resources delivered it to masses of people. I didn't read about the scandal on their website, I heard about it on the news. So I guess what I am trying to expresses is that although blogging can be counted as a form of journalism, I don't think it will surpass traditional media sources. I think the way the two- being blogs and traditional media- work with each other provides for interesting conversation.


At Tue Feb 21, 03:15:00 PM, Blogger Donna said...

Yes: the thing I liked in many of the pieces we read for today is the emphasis on that very idea. Blogs and traditional journalism can inform each other, even make each other better in some ways. It isn't so much a matter of blogs replacing traditional journalism or being something like traditional journalism.


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