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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Comments on blogging as journalism articles

I thought there were some interesting ideas presented in the articles about blogging as a form of journalism. In the first article, Paul Andrews and Deborah Branscum talk about the rise of blogging as a form of journalism, and give various reasons for their beliefs. I agree that blogging is booming, largely because of what Branscum refers to as "instantaneity." She writes that, "with a Weblog, you hit the send key and it's out there. It's the perfect disposable journalism for our age." I think this is particularly true because of one point Robert Niles makes in his article. He says, "when I ask students how many have read the newspaper or watched TV news within the past day, few hands go up. But every students acknowledges having gone online within the day to read the news. Even if few have considered a job in online journalism, in my experience, today's students implictly understand that medium better than they do print and broadcast." I find that in my journalism classes, and in my circle of friends this is overwhelming true. Almost everyone I know goes FIRST to the internet to learn about breaking news. Some rarely ever pick up a newspaper or tune in to broadcast news. Here I think online news sources and news blogs are really breaking through. I disagree though with Paul Andrews assertion that "the Web is actually becoming more credible while established media are losing ground." While I think people may go first to their favorite blog to find out what's happening, I think the New York Times Online and the's of the world wide web are still the ultimate destination because of the credibility associated with those news sources. (Cross posted)


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