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Monday, February 20, 2006

For today's reading we learned that blogging can help journalism and journalism can help blogging. Some could say that this lesson could be applied to all walks of life and that the theme should be shared among everyone in the world. But here's my rant against sharing.

J.D. Lasica's piece
  • Blogging as a Form of Journalism
  • states that you can get the true side of the issue with blogging because it allows people to give the side of the story that the big media doesn't cover. It allows people to voice their side of the story.

    Thanks for opinion, but I really don't think this is the case. 'Good" journalism is supposed to remain unbias towards reporting stories. And I think for the most part journalists do a good job with this. I think the accusations that people make against the media aren't really fair because people really hear what they want to hear. Even if someone's opinion is touched upon and not stated enough for someone's liking they will say that their opinion is being suppressed, but it is pointed out. And maybe the other side's opinion isn't overtly stated as well. You never hear someone say that their opinion is said, but neither is the other side.

    Look, if you want bias news you can find it. Republicans have Fox News, and Democrats seem to have everything else. And that works, but most journalists practice some sort of transperancy in their reporting.

    Blogs on the other hand don't even try to hide their opinions. People who have webcams and show up at some rally or protest aren't trying to find the opposing side's opinion. And that's ok. Bloggers don't have to show both sides of a story. That's their right, but let's not demolish journalists by saying that their work can be enhanced by bloggers. No one will ever have all the information, but as long as people realize that what journalists do is astounding in the spectrum of information.


    At Tue Feb 21, 01:23:00 PM, Blogger Donna said...

    Just to clarify: Lasica doesn't make this claim. Rather, I think you're referring to the comment by Paul Andrews, a former columnist for the Seattle Times. Right? It just seems useful to note that his is one of several opinions expressed in this article. I guess I don't get the overall impression that most of the people we read value blogging as being better than more traditional media. But maybe others do?

    At Tue Feb 21, 02:52:00 PM, Blogger EL said...

    I agree that biased journalism is out there if that's what you want. I think blogging can be a great tool for both bloggers and for journalists as a way to get the word out on news fast, but I still think most people have their one or two trusted news sources they will always look to for information.


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