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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Like many others, I have had difficulties finding a blog that I like enough to keep up with. I think this is probably because there are just so many blogs out there. But there are a few I have found to be somewhat interesting.

La Shawn Barber's Corner is a blog that I found really interesting. She blogs about her faith and politics, she is also a freelance writer(which is of interest to me as a English writing minor and print journalism major). This is a woman who does not prescibe to either the Democratic or Republican party,so I think that reading about her views on certain issues is interesting.
In my Online Journalism class, we have been looking at blogs so I have been exposed to some local Columbia blogs. One that I liked is Haphazardous, a mom who takes pics in/around Columbia. It's just a different view of our town, and some of her pics are pretty good.
Mostly, I like to read blogs for enjoyment...not to read someone's rant about politics or current events. Most of the time, I would rather read the paper and create my own opinion. I am fashion
is really visual and fun for anyone who likes to read mags like Vogue or Harper's Bazaar...
A guilty pleasure would definitely have to beA Socialite's Life. It is basically just a socialite dishing about random Hollywood gossip and making fun of celebs...not very intellectually stimulating but great for when you sort of feel like shutting your brain off for a while!
A truly funny and relatable blog I found is Waiter Rant. If you've ever been a hostess or server, you will completely relate to these entries. Most of the entries are humorous, but some really hit home to larger issues. Look at Heaven and Hell. This is some good blogging that gets tons of responses.


At Thu Feb 09, 02:23:00 PM, Blogger discovery said...

I think you have some good choices here. I've worked in a restaurant since I was sixteen (only god knows why I still do). Between here and my hometown and yes, working every holiday there is to work,I think that I too have seen all there is to see of the craziest people on earth."Waiter Rant" seems pretty funny and something that I could relate to, so I'll also be keeping up with this blog. thanks for recommending it to the class blog:)


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