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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

my thoughts on blogging ethics

To be honest, until class today, I never really considered the ethics behind the weblog. After reading the "ethical rules of blogging" in Rebecca Blood's "Weblog Ethics," I have to say that for the most part I disagree with many of the arguments that she makes for the ethics of the weblog. Although my experience with blogging is limited (and that me be why I take the idea of ethics in blogging more lightly), I ultimately view the concept of the weblog as personal diaries and statements. The blog, at least in my opinion, is for the most part, personal opinion. There are many links to true news stories and politics present around the globe, but many of those links are posted in relation to what the author of the blog has to say. I do not consider the weblog journalism in the sense in which we know it. It is not professional, and therefore should not be held to the same standards of a newspaper article as Ms. Blood lets on. However I do consider the weblog a form of literatue, of reportage, opne might say. It sometimes contains true elements relevant to the world's news but is filled with the personal opinion and emotion of its author. While it may be a form of good literature and a testimony to our society's technology and social intelligence, it can not be considered a form of journalistic truth, at least not at this point in time. Ms. Blood also lets on that the blog must follow journalistic rules of ethics in order to eventually be considered true and expert journalism. But again I have to disagree. That would again dispute the purpose of the blog. Bloggers are not professionals and cannot now or ever be held to the same standards and codes of the professional. That would be unethical. In order for the weblog to be considered absolute journalism, protected and limited to the same regulations as the journalistic media is today, only those who have training in journalism would be able to author blogs. How can a blogger be held to laws and rules in which are not his expertise. If the blog became absolute journalism, it would lose it's charm of everyday people, giving honest assessments and opinions of their views on societial happenings. The blog would be nothing more than online editorial, an extension of the online news websites that are already in existence.


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