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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Some good blogs

As I am relatively new to this blogging thing I have to admit there are not too many blogs I read on a regular basis. That has been slowly changing over the past few weeks since I have been in this class. One of the blogs I have kept up with for some time is the blog of my friend Jonthon. Obviously this is probably of more interest to me than it would be to any of you because I know him personally, but I actually think an outside reader who stumbled there accidently might enjoy what he has to say. It is a good mix of news and humor, and often he posts things specific to our campus that I find useful and informative. I also admire the way he says what he thinks, I don't think I could be that honest or forward about a lot of my opinions (although they aren't ALL commentary) Here is just one example. On that page he also links to a few other sites that he operates, Politichaos and Blogs are the Light, a site that has some posts about blogging, like a link to a post about the revolution of the web. Two more links I think are worth checking out are Toothpaste for Dinner and You Ain't No Picasso. The first features stuff on music, writing, etc...maybe it's not a blog, but the drawings they feature are just hilarious, so I had to include it. Anyone remember the keytar? (Don't ask me why I chose that one as an example...I'm sick and sort of delirious, give me a break. It made me laugh...). The latter is a music site about new bands, albums, songs, etc. and usually has a lot of stuff before other media outlets get wind of it.
I've been trying to incorporate reading more blogs into my daily life. I have enjoyed some of the links you guys have posted. I'm even reading all my Apple RSS news feeds daily (instead of waiting until I have 257 new articles)...that's a start!


At Wed Feb 08, 04:26:00 PM, Blogger Megan said...

I love Toothpaste For Dinner. If you aren't already on it, I would highly recommend subscribing to his weekly email listserve. The emails he sends out every Friday are hilarious and full of stuff that doesn't make the site.

At Thu Feb 09, 02:33:00 PM, Blogger KR said...

Oh yeah, I'm getting one of those shirts from Toothpaste For Dinner, I don't care how poser-ly it is. So there. I love it.


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