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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Tastes in Blogging

As discovery mentioned, I too have had trouble locating blogs that I found particularly exemplary. I found entries I enjoyed, but feared that they weren't notable in terms of style or content, just funny or interesting. None-the-less, here is what I have found so far:

Jane Galt is the author of the blog Assymetrical Information. A few of her most recent posts have been on the topic of abortion. What I liked with this blog was not what she had to say. I disagree on almost every level with her. However, I appreciated her argument style. Her entries seem clever and tactful. One particular entry is entitled Specificity matters, or why abortion is different from birth control. Again, I don't agree with her argument, but I appreciate that she frames it in a new context and that she makes her argument intelligently and with a level of class (for lack of a better word) that allows those who don't agree to intelligently do so., and many do. It goes back to the article we read in class (I can't seem to find that post now) about The Washington Post taking down it's blog site temporarily. I think as bloggers we need to aim to frame our blog postings and our comments on others' blogs in a way that enhances the marketplace of ideas and does not sink to mindless bickering.

The Anchoress is another blog in which I found something to admire. Again, I don't think the blog topic or the particular views of the blogger mesh with my own perspectives. But, I think this is better in the sense that it shows that you don't have to agree with a blogger to appreciate their style. Her recent posting “Will and Grace”, Muslim cartoons and free speech I appreciated because of the sheer number of links she provided to sources of information. I thought it was good that she did not only provide her opinion, but provided the readers of her blog numerous links to associated information. On the other hand, however, I did not appreciate the length of her blog entries. That's a highly subjective (and arguably superficial) criticism to make, but I think there is much to be said for bloggers who can make an astute point succinctly. The length of this posting in particular exhausted me and I found myself struggling to follow her argument, which greatly reduced its effectiveness.

That brings me to blogger JeffAlworth who writes Low on the Hog. His entries are short. They are something I can swallow and internalize. I don't have to allocate hours of time to a single post. I can read his point and move on to something else or perhaps to others' perspectives on the topic. I felt his article Betting on American Ignorance is one good example of this. He makes a point, he offers links and supporting information and he does it all in 307 words. And, his point is all the more effective because I was able to follow him from beginning to end.

But, really, here is my favorite: McSweeney's. I was afraid Donna might not agree with my classification of this as a blog. But, it is in reverse chronological order, daily postings, a literary focus, archives. To me, it looks like a blog. I like McSweeney's because it is purely creative and artistic. It has no politics, no real controversy, no confusing technical jargon, just humor. Its witty and it makes me laugh. I appreciate the intelligence and its ceaseless ability to make me giggle uncontrollably. If you haven't visited, stop reading my post and go now. Here are a few posts I liked to get you started (in no particular order):
Health Watch:Four Silent Killers.
Seven People Who are Screwing Up Marshville, Massachussetts (Pop. 2,384), And Frank Anderson is No. 3.
My Family'sPower Rankings.
An Open Letter to the Manufaturers of Infant Sleepwear.
An Open Letter to Officials of the United States Government Regarding What's New in My Reproductive Area.
Although I Like a Good George Bush Joke As Much As the Next Guy, Some of Them Seem Gratuitous and Mean-Spirited.
The Earlier Epic Battles of Grendel's Mother.
If Bush's SpeechHad Rocked as Hard asHis Inauguration.


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