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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Three awesome blogs

The first blog I found which was really sweet is this one, because some guy goes off on the history of hard rock in three parts. It kind of took me back to the old days of high school and my die hard metal enthusiasm (I still think the shirts are awesome). The guy goes into detail about the careers of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. I think it is essential that the young 'uns be made wise to the best of early '80s metal, so I respect the man's mission.

Here's another cool blog.
It is comedy-oriented, which I think is a creative and fun way of making use of blog theory. I found a link from this site to "30 second Pulp Fiction with Blood Bunnies," a thirty-second adaptation of Pulp Fiction with little cartoon bunny rabbits shooting each other and overdosing on heroin. Pulp Fiction is my all-time favorite movie, so I could not help being affected by this poignant bit of cinema.

The third and final attention-getting blog I observed is from I have to admit that the only reason I stumbled onto this article is by searching Blogger for "Gumby," hoping that some fan somewhere might possibly have a whole blog dedicated entirely to Gumby. So far, my research has proven this not to be the case. But I will not give up. Anyway, the article I liked in this blog is called "Hellooooooooo Rheingold" and it's about a guy from Brooklyn writing a letter of protest to some local beer baron who wants to build a Brooklyn arena and move the New Jersey Nets to the former home of the Dodgers. I think it was mostly the subject matter of this article that struck me as amusing; the blogger's voice is very dry and humorous, though. I liked the piece.


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