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Friday, February 17, 2006

Tip: Order of Posts

Someone in the class recently asked why entries post alphabetically or according to when you started the draft rather than when you post it. Many of you may already know this. If so, stop reading now. I, however, just figured out that when you make draft, there is a little link below the window where you type (in the cream-colored bottom bar) that says "Post and Comment Options." If you click on that you can change the time of the post to the current time instead of the time when you started the draft. Viola! As far as alphabetical postings according to the title -- your guess is as good as mine. Maybe check your blog settings. Now, does anyone know how to do the thing where only part of your post shows and includes a link to the entire post. My entries (for those who haven't noticed) are a little verbose. Not really my intention, but it happens. So, to save readers from all that scrolling, I'd like to find out how to do the links. Help! (and have a great day!)


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