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Thursday, March 09, 2006


I don't think a lot of my blogging qualifies as "bloglike," but I liked "A Random Deep Thought" from my posts last week, because it had a story that made me think, and I wanted to tell people why I had thoughts about it and see if anyone else had any thoughts on the same wavelength. Maybe the fact that I've only gotten one comment on it so far indicates that it's a deep thought far more random or out-of-left-field than I thought. I think the friend who told me the story in this entry has a better knack for storytelling than I do or something, plus he actually witnessed it. Is it a bad thing that I'm actually going into detail about what was wrong with the blog I picked for my most blog-like blog? It wasn't the one I enjoyed writing the most, but I kind of got excited about it once I got going.

As for other people's blogs, I liked the one called "Wild Week" on "Blog," because it talked about some crucial local sports news from the perspective of a local journalist. This stuck out to me because I like sports and used to have journalistic aspirations myself. Whoever does that blog hasn't posted in a couple weeks. I don't know if that guy's still in this class or not. But he had a shining moment there. Obviously, I have spent a great deal of blogging time talking about sports myself. So I liked seeing that someone else in the class had sort of the same idea that I did.

I also liked "Underage Drinking" from "Just what I think," because JL indirectly brought up a point I've always had for the "I-can-die-for-my-country-but-not-buy-a-beer-on-the-weekend" people, which is, Most of the people I hear saying that aren't even considering enlisting, so you really can't die for a country. If a proposition came up saying that all eighteen-year-olds in the military can legally buy alcohol, I'd vote for it in a second. Aside from that, I know I've blown a lot of brain cells, not to mention precious time and money, drinking, both before and after the age of twenty-one, so I'm not in such a big hurry to see younger kids drinking anyway.


At Sun Mar 12, 05:02:00 AM, Blogger J L said...

hey, thanks for thinking of one of my posts. I'm glad someone is actually reading my stuff.


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