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Thursday, March 09, 2006

My cape, my shield, me

Talking about the overarching symbols that make up people and who they are. I thought about what makes me, well, me. Frank Gehry showed me that what represents me best is a baseball cap. Something old, smelly, grimy, worn around the edges and ready for any adventure that comes my way. See, the cap was worn as a child to play on the dusty diamonds of baseball fields where I roamed. But then, as I grew in size, the cap started to mean a sense of belonging to a certain group or affiliation, and now it is something that I can use as a blinder to shut out the rest of the world. It can be my way of hiding behind a facade when I don't want others to see my expressions, it can be something that I fiddle with as I'm nervously trying to accomplish some task. I feel naked without it, and totally relaxed with it. Whatever the function, my hat is what I am most closely associated with. For better or worse I am the symbol that is perched upon my head. Just like me...slightly off-center and ready for anything.


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