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Monday, March 13, 2006

my midterm assessment

Two of my entries that I find to be particulary "blog-like" are "Bottled Water?" and "What Will You Be Watching this Sunday?". what I like about them and what is probably denoted by the question mark that follows both of the titles is that they spark conversation, like a blog is suppose to. In these two blogs I more so took fairly relateable issue that was in the news and found a way to personalize them, and give an opinion to which others would have an opinion.

As for our classmates, I'm a fan of JL"S blog. In particular I like "rhythm me this, rhythm me that" . It shows just how strong a writer he is--halfway news-oriented and halfway column-like. I also "My National Pastime" from "My First Attempt". Actually I more so like this blog as a whole. It gives a look inside, little by little, into the life of this person through the experiences, sometimes daily habits and sometimes more like characteristics into this person. It's kind of a compilation of all the things that this blogger sees himself as.


At Tue Mar 14, 03:08:00 PM, Blogger J L said...

very glad you like my blog. I'm VERY happy to think that someone likes my writing. Hope everything I write meets you're standards for being "good writing."


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