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Saturday, March 04, 2006


I've been fortunate enough to play sports with some great friends of mine. Every now and then we have chances to sit down and recount old games, stupid moments, and the joys of sharing the field with each other. And that can hopefully be said by every person who's played sports and enjoys being a part of the game.

I found this article on
  • and it got me to thinking about how important teammates are.

    Individual sports are nice, but they just don't compare with the joy of winning alongside your best friend or the guys that have put in the hundreds of hours to make themselves better.

    Being an only child I haven't had the luxury of having a "teammate" in the game of life. I've always played sports as myself with no other person to stand with me and challenge me to achieve a little more. I never to the opportunity to play tackle football with my brother or play catch with a brother that is just a little better than me so I have to work that much harder to try and be better than him.

    Nope, I had no competition in my household, and sometimes I think that made me just a little more fragile in the game of life. Not that if I had a brother I would have been some sports great or something, but just having someone to compete with may have made me into a completely different person than I am today.

    Maybe, just maybe, I could have been some great athlete because of all the days when I had to play with my brothers' friends who were bigger, stronger, faster. But I never got that chance and that's ok.

    But the article above talks about how important teammates can be. How much they can help you get through the tough times. So don't let the teammate in your life go without knowing just how much help they give you throughout the trying times in your life. Whether it happens to be a spouse, sibling, or friend, let them know how they help you get through the days that are your life. (crossposted)


    At Tue Mar 07, 11:23:00 AM, Blogger KR said...

    Hey, this post struck a chord when I read it today. Today, of all days, I found out one of my sisters is engaged. Who'd've thunk it.

    But about what you said about having/not having siblings would have changed who you are today. I'd never really thought about that until I read it here. I'm the youngest of four girls, and without my older sisters, who knows what I'd be like today. They are all overachievers, straight-A students, etc, and I've always been expected to maintain that standard, if not improve upon it. I don't know if I'd be headed to grad school without their influence. God knows I wouldn't have as good of taste in music without them.

    Anyway, thanks for making me think about that. Also, yeah, I've always enjoyed soccer or volleyball or another team sport over track. Great post.


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