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Monday, April 10, 2006

Latest Readings, blogging, technology, etc.

The readings we have done for the last couple of weeks have given me a lot to think about, but they're almost discouraging in a way. From what they've seemed to say, people who don't have the background in computers, technology, and so forth, are in danger of being left behind as the world moves further into the information age. This prognostication is threatening to people like me, who tended to ignore a lot of the possibilities computers and technology could open up for you. If only I'd taken the time to get in on the ground floor of that! A class in blogging seems like a minor recourse at this point, especially given how much I've missed already. The Taylor article from today was a bewildering perspective on the direction civilization has taken and, evidently, will continue to take. What I would like to know is, how big a part will art have in the new culture of tomorrow (or today), and how strong will the relationship between art and real life be in a world that is strictly adherent to this model of reason over desire? Where's the passion and the conflict in the real world if no one plays the part of the pack-donkey and follows the curve anymore? Are such things merely confined to the works of Shakespeare and Milton from now on, to have no more in common with the real world than the architecture of Star Wars has in common with the New York City skyline today? Is pondering questions such as these the very thing that keeps me from noticing when a new age in the history of mankind begins and worlds of new opportunity are suddenly (if fleetingly) athwart me?
But I digress. If the qualities that kept the old world running are invalid in the twenty-first century and entirely new dimensions of information and technology are needed to keep abreast of the world of tomorrow, I am definitely glad that I took this class, given how little I knew of the subject of it beforehand, that I could be duly issued a "heads up."


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