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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Maybe this will provoke some discussion....

Our conversation about network culture made my head hurt. I still don't know exactly what conclusions I'm supposed to be drawing...I'm tired, I'm hungry, I don't want to work tonight. Life is random, a blog is randomness contained in a little box. Is the Internet a real space? You can't touch it or visit it, other than in your own mind, framed by the parameters that society and you the individual have placed on it. Yet we attempt to carve our own space into a faceless, undefined entity. Blogger, LiveJournal, and myspace....our own isolated corner of nothing. "Information superhighway" could be on the busiest highway in the world, but it doesn't change the fact, at the end of the day, we're still alone in our metaphorical car. This is the paradox of an age of hyper-mediocrity. We can communicate with each other instantaneously, yet the days seem to pass more and more slowly. The ease with which we communicate, and subsequently relate, to each other has rendered those relationships meaningless. Now more than ever, the neon sign ALONE, blinks in the periphery of daily life, made manifest by the marginal importance of those around us. Now more than ever we deliberately isolate ourselves, creating technology to free us from the technology we've already created (the Ipod is the example coming to mind). Am I the only one who sees the network culture as a little absurd?


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