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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Network...we don't need no stinking network

"A fabric or structure in which cords, threads, or wires cross at regular intervals."

That's what one entry says about network, but that leads me to think more along the lines of a grid with the "cross at regular intervals" part. So is there any real sense of what a network really is? Basically it sounds like a grid with some exit ramps. The thought of just putting this out there for others and letting them read it should excite the "networker" in me, but in reality it will show up just above the previous post. The title will be printed in just the same style as the rest of my titles. The text the same format as the rest of my text on previous posts. So is there really any difference? Does the grid appeal to the functionalist in all of us and the network serves our wild and crazy sides? I think, in blogging, it is hard to distinguish where the "grid" ends, and where the "network" begins. The look of our blogs are generally pretty "gridish", but the subject matter can be very "networky." And the ability to connect with others and link to things seem to fight for the network, but wouldn't the thought of connecting to something appear geometrically as a straight line that would be very grid-like?

so who knows...I'm just along for the discussion


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