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Sunday, April 23, 2006

post 4040 thoughts and reflections...

Writing my posts about our class readings has made me think about post English 4040 blogging. I think I've hit on something that really interests me to write about - how blogging and other internet phenomena are changing some fundamental aspects of society. I've been seriously considering making a new, post 4040 blog that features entries about my afore-mentioned interests almost exclusively. Blogging has become kind of therapeutic for me. It's a nice way to relax at the end of the day, although I do worry about this blog being graded. I'm wondering how many of us English 4040 bloggers are going to keep up their current blogs or start new blogs after class ends?

Our class discussion got me thinking more and more about this MySpace phenomenon. This Bussiness Week online article is pretty interesting and informative:

The MySpace Generation

This article explores MySpace in the context of a corporate phenomenon. Mogul Rupert Murdoch, the article reports, has spent $1.3 billion in Web acquisitions to better reach the coveted demographic. Consumer products companies have been experimenting (at extremely low costs) with social networks as tools for launching and embedding their products into the increasingly hard to reach minds of teens. The "One-Hit Wonder", "Deep Connections", and "Sparkle and Fizzle" sections are the real meat of the article...the rest is mainly the introduction and filler that most people already knew.

A non-MySpace link of interest:

David Sifry's April 2006 "State of the Blogsphere"

Sifry is actually the founder and CEO of Technorati, one of the first blog tools we learned to use in 4040...ah, the memories. This report is essentially a state of the union address for blogs, which I think is pretty cool yet extremely nerdy at the same time.


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