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Monday, May 01, 2006

I wasted so much time getting dowdified...oh, the anger!

What's with this university's history department? Earlier this semester, my reading assignment was David Horowitz's Radical Son. I can't stand to hear the man's name, much less read 408 pages of his insane ramblings. I guess I better not say anything further or 4040 will end up on his website of people and inanimate objects that have ruined his metaphorical Christmas, moved their bowels on his Cheerios, or both.

Just when you think books can't get more annoying, you're hit with Maureen Dowd's Are Men Necessary? At least the ramblings in Radical Son eventually got around to explaining Horowitz's downward spiral into insanity. Dowd's ramblings, on the other hand...I can't even describe how totally devoid of logic and/or intelligence her arguments(?) are...

Here are some thoughts that sum up my feelings toward Are Men Necessary?
"It would be one thing if Dowd were writing pure, straightforward polemic, ranting against the people she feels the need to rant against. But Dowd is pretending to cover cultural trends with journalistic accuracy, and it is this pretense that gives her arguments a shoddy feel."
-Katie Roiphe users:
"I wandered through 300 pages of random statistics, endless observations about the plight of unmarried women randomly mixed in with examples of stupid things men do, plus some political commentary thrown in for good measure."

"By the last 25 pages I gave up on finding any good overall theme."

"This is the exact kind of pseudo-intellectual crap that demeans the human brain."

"Dowd is famously lazy hence the nickname the "cut and paste columnist" but even by her lazy standards this is really a record. She takes one tired genralization wounded around gossip thickened with embittered personal experience add to battered ego (Yeah, we got it. We know you're hot Maureen)and ergo a book. If you get it for free, ok; if you have to pay move on to something of substance like Katha Pollit or Jamie Jamieson."

I apologize if anybody actually likes Maureen Dowd, but I had to rescue anybody that's thinking of reading this book. Has anybody read this book (other than myself), and if you have....what are your thoughts?


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