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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

portfolio rough draft

Greetings fellow bloggers:
Since today is in-class peer review day, I'll save you the trouble of going to my blog to browse the items in my portfolio. Three things before you get started:

1. It may take a few seconds for the pictures and video in my posts to load, and every now and then you have to refresh the page to get them to load (for reasons unknown to me) be patient
2. Try not to copy the explanations of my posts too blatantly...I've had that problem before on the class blog...(you know, people using the ideas I've already posted to make their "own" godzilla posts).
3. Be sure to check out the final product....I'll be posting the web address later.

Exemplary Blog Entries

White Stripes
This is the post I'm the most proud of as a music blogger, and my second favorite post overall. It exemplifies how a music blogger combines commentary and various visual/auditory techniques to attract and hold the attention of his or her readers.

Analysis of Class Readings
Overall I believe this is my best post, at least from an academic standpoint. Since Donna mentioned this particular post in her blog, I've gained confidence in my ability to analyze and interpret scholarly blogging. This entry also highlights the network aspect of blogging we've discussed repeatedly throughout the semester. Information becomes transformed as it becomes interpreted by each individual. I offered an alternative to the views expressed in our readings, Donna commented on my analysis, and finally one of Donna's friends offered an alternative perspective that neither Donna or myself had considered.

This is another of my favorite music entries. It is similar to my White Stripes post in that I combine several different technological enhancements to create a pleasant experience for my readers. It's another point on the evolutionary scale of my blogging - not quite White Stripes caliber, but a marked improvement over my posts at the beginning of the semester.

Polyphonic Spree
While I chose this post for the same reasons as the Bjork and White Stripes posts, I do a better job of linking to relevant sources in this entry. Another difference is that I attempt to connect the music to blogging, making it somewhat relevant to my 4040 classmates, even if they aren't fond of this type of music. The objective of my blog is illustrated perfectly. I felt my blog would be successful if I could persuade one person to consider listening to a band they wouldn't normally consider. The ideal scenario was that the mp3 samples and videos would prove interesting enough for my fellow bloggers to comment on my blog, with their opinions of the music. Even though that didn't happen often, I learned how to use technological enhancements to make my blog more appealing.

Radiohead music vids
This post was another attempt at engaging my fellow bloggers. I thought if I related the video posts to blog technology, it would make my posts seem more relevant to the course. I didn't include a lot of commentary about content of the videos...and in retrospect, I probably should have. This post taught me that most people want some sort of summary/commentary before they decide to click a link, watch a video, listen to a song, etc.

Analyzing Morville
Here is another scholarly blog post, in the same vein as "Analysis of Class Readings". It shows how being part of a network helps a blogger understand what works in their theories, and what needs more work. More explanation later....


Steve's "It's my religion, not my lifestyle"
Explanation forthcoming....

Steve's "I don't really like this idea"
Explanation forthcoming....


At Tue May 02, 02:21:00 PM, Blogger hannel said...

I think you sampled some good posts. A statement of the purpose of the portfolio in the beginning might help the random reader understand what's going on a little more.

At Tue May 02, 02:32:00 PM, Blogger xhalabar said...

This looks like a good rough draft. I think you could probably go into detail with your first post a little bit more, but of course this is a rough draft. The fact that you already have all your examples is a good thing, and puts you a step ahead of me.

At Tue May 02, 02:35:00 PM, Blogger Steve said...

Yeah, I agree with you on your best post. I really a shocked at how intelligent some of your blog posts are, because one minute you're taking a quiz that says your a psycho and the next minute you're writing in an depth analysis of scholarly articles. I'm kind of like, is this the same writer? But I guess that's part of your dual nature, something that really came through in your blog. I think the blog was fairly representative of your personality and that's not an easy task for many writers. Good job.

At Tue May 02, 02:56:00 PM, Blogger Megan said...

I like that you highlight some of your more recent posts because I think your latest contributions to the class blog (and your own) have really intrigued me and offered fabulous analysis of the whole blogging experience. I wish that I had gotten more into your blog over the semester because it seemed like you have had some really insightful things to say about music, but without knowing anything or even being that interested in music, it's hard to add to your posts with comments. I just wanted to say that you did get me more interested in Radiohead, I never really gave them a chance before and now I plan to give them another listen.

But this is supposed to be a review of your portfolio. I like the posts you have chosen because I agree that they are the best of what your blog has to offer and I like that they work well togther to present a picture of your blogging aims. The only advice I would offer is give us more analysis on why these posts work together and better organization. Looking over your choices I think you have a lot of organizational possibilities, you don't necessarily have to go chronologically. But I think as it stands right now, it's kind of jumbled and a clearer organizational pattern would emphasize what you are trying to present with this portfolio. Play around with.

P.S. I like that you have incorporated video into your blog. I have never done this, probably because I'm not an internet video connoisseur (sp?) and haven't really found anything interesting to put up. But I think your decision to include music videos in your discussion of different bands is great. Especially if your goal is to get people to experience new music, there's nothing more enticing than a little eye candy.

At Tue May 02, 02:56:00 PM, Blogger amy said...

I think you have a good start here. I like how you have highlighted some of your music posts as well as some posts that have pertained to class reading.


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