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Monday, January 16, 2006


Welcome to English 4040: Blogging in Theory and Practice. This blog will serve as the "mother blog" for the class. Whereas your individual blogs will be on topics of your choosing, the mother blog is a place to blog about blogging. You'll often have a chance to blog here during class time, but you're also welcome (and, indeed, encouraged) to add information about blogging here as you find it.

Here's what I have planned for our first class meeting:

(1) The obvious: go over the syllabus, see who's here, etc.
(2) Hear from each of you about why you're here, what (if any) experience you've had with blogging, etc.
(3) Begin talking about blogs, especially their technical features
(4) View blogging software options
(5) Set up a starter blog

Update: Other texts to take a look at:
David Weinberger, "The New Is"
"Blogging as Breathing" via mathemagenic


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