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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Again with the portfolio

Here's a timeline for creating the portfolio:

Tuesday, April 25: Finalize expectations/guidelines for portfolio as a class.

Thursday, April 27: Complete a draft of the portfolio

Tuesday, May 2: In-class peer reviews of portfolios

Thursday, May 4: Meet at Shakespeare's (or other eating establishment?) for end-of-semester celebration

Monday, May 8: Final version of portfolio must be online by 3:00 pm

I'm pulling up some of the comments from last week so that they will be easier to view, and we'll discuss these today in order to finalize a set of guidelines:

I like the first three criteria listed on Jerz's sample. I think those are relevant to our course.

I think it would sufficient to display 3 of their bests posts, which could be judged on the most interactive, the best-written, or what sparked the most discussion. And maybe include some of your own comments on the blog as a whole.

I like the idea of doing a "cover letter" for the posts we select from our blogs. I think this would allow more flexibility, because then you have a chance to define "best" from your own perspective. I like the idea of using that "cover letter" as a blog entry gateway to your "best" posts, but I also like the idea of creating another place for the posts to go. A place where one can add to their portfolio and reference it. Furthermore, I think if the portfolio is a post, it will get lost in the shuffle of the blog. As the blog gets longer the portfolio will be pushed out of sight. I think another page is a good idea, although I recognize the technical limitations of this. Perhaps we could create posts and then create a permanent link to them in the sidebar so the portfolio is always at the forefront of the blog?

I really like Nichole's comment about including a bad entry... my concern is that students might just choose a random entry that's very short or contains a bad link. What about including an entry that surprised, disappointed, or otherwise affected you the most (positively or negatively)?


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