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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Portfolio Guidelines

Here's what we agreed on during our discussion.

Blogging Portfolio

Audience: Potentially any blogger

Purpose: To highlight the quality of your blog

  • Link to at least three of your blog entries and include extensive commentary on your reason for highlighting those entries
  • Include an introductory paragraph to explain purpose of the portfolio
  • Include a couple of exemplary comments on class members’ blogs or a blog entry that responds directly to someone else’s entry: explain what these illustrate about your participation in a blogging network.
  • Make the portfolio entry an example of an exemplary blog entry (ie, you might include links, graphics, or whatever you think an exemplary entry includes)
  • Ideally, link up your discussion of each blog entry with ideas from class discussions and/or readings
Possibilities: You may choose whether to highlight your growth as a blogger or to stick with just highlighting your “best” blog entries.


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