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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


As you can see on the schedule, individual presentations to the class start next week.

Tuesdays will be reserved for technical presentations (how-to, hands-on demonstrations of how to alter your blog). As you're reading blogs (onsite rather than through bloglines), you may notice a feature that you would like to emulate. (For example, I added a site meter to this blog today. That's pretty easy, however. But you get the idea: notice cool things that you would like to see on your blog.) Try to find out how to do it. The idea here is, in the geek spirit, to teach yourself how to do something. And, then, in the geek network spirit, to share that "hack." Luckily, Blogger is already in the spirit, and they offer a nice menu of "hacks" that can get you started. Feel free to use one of their hacks as the template for your presentation. (My only request is that you don't repeat a hack that we've already learned.)

Thursdays will be reserved for presentations about blogs in the news, in the world, in discussion. The idea is to find a recent article about blogs, something that might stir up discussion or that might be otherwise generative. Tell the class about it (you're also welcome to blog it), and then add your commentary. Ask questions to get the class talking. You might even ask them to blog about it.

Right now, we obviously need two good people to volunteer to be the first: one person for Tuesday and one for Thursday. After that, I'll just fill in the blanks. Please let me know right away if there's a day when you can't present.


At Tue Jan 24, 02:10:00 PM, Blogger EL said...

I will not be able to make a presentation on Thursday, Feb. 16 because I will not be present in class. Thanks.


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