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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Moving beyond blogging assumptions

I'd like to start class today by asking you to post an entry to your individual blog. Here's what I'd like you to write about:

What kinds of assumptions about blogs do you bring to the class? What did you think of blogs before you arrived here? Are these assumptions being challenged in any way? Has your reading (whether the assigned reading or your own reading around in blogs) given you any insight into how you might want to focus and/or shape your blog?

I would then ask you to create a second post, a post of links, like you read about in some of the material for today. The links should be to the readings for today, and you will add a little text to remind yourself (and to tell any readers) what you found most useful at each site.

Finally, please choose one of these posts to cross-post to the class blog. (Copying and pasting works well for this.) You might indicate in both posts where the cross-posted entry can be found.


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