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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Posts I Like

Here's the problem: I love short posts because I am usually skimming things in about 30 seconds.

Nonetheless, I love Bora Zivkovic's entire blog, aptly named Science and Politics. If you go look through his posts, you'll find it's a current alphabetical list of research blogs and articles.

Ok, don't all roll your eyes at once. I don't actually think about science all the time. But when it's time to find new and old links to continuing research stories, I think this is the best tool I've ever seen. It's so hard to trace a research project from the beginning through different research journals. Not every article gets in to the good journals, so researchers have to vary their submissions. It can be a real pain to search and search for a single topic through the years.

This site is maintained by a single guy, though, and I don't know if he lists sites based on his own biases. But just look at him. He's so nerdy and cute! He couldn't possibly be pitching his angle. So, much love to Bora.


(Image from, back by popular demand)

Believe it or not, someone really did find out how to bake the best pie crust in history. I made a killer strawberry-rhubarb pie last August, and kind of accidentally found this site while searching the web for help. I used this recipe, and to date, my friends remember that pie. I think that the diagrams and the links in this post are so helpful to explain any missing details.

SteveJames (not Rick James)
I realize that I'm not really doing too great a job with linking the exact posts I like. However, the highest concentration of posts I like to read is found at SteveJames' blog Round the World in 2005: A Year in the Life. It's a journal of his travels from January 31, 2005 to January 15, 2006 literally around the world, except for the Middle East and Midwest, which he avoided for some reason. The posts themselves are not always well-written, probably because he's been writing them really fast from Internet cafes. But you can actually hear his British accent as on the Christmas Day post, when he refers to holidays celebrated in England.

What's really funny is that you can contribute to his travel fund right there on his blog. I highly recommend looking at some of his photo album, too, if you have time. Also if you've never looked at, it's really fun. I wish I could travel a lot more, but I don't have the means at the moment, so I live vicariously through the bloggers who do roam the world.


At Thu Feb 09, 02:32:00 PM, Blogger Donna said...

What happened to the pie?

At Thu Feb 09, 02:41:00 PM, Blogger KR said...

Oh, I took it off. It was cheesy.

Or... crusty? :)

At Thu Apr 06, 05:48:00 PM, Blogger stevejames said...

Hi there, nice to see you enjoyed my travelog... I am not an author - in fact I gave up English at the age of 15 in favour of maths and science - so I am pleasantly surprised you and so many others have enjoyed my scribblings :)

You may be interested to know that I have set up a new site hosting my travelog:

Travelpod is a good site, but every blog there looks the same, so I wanted to create something unique, my own little permanent space on the web dedicated to the best year of my life to date :D

take care


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