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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Cutting you loose

This week begins your first week of official blogging for the class. Starting this week, you'll need to post at least three substantial (defined as no fewer than 200 words) entries to your individual blog, and you'll need to post at least one entry to the class blog. You'll also need to comment on blogs: see the syllabus for details.

As you blog ahead with full steam, ethical issues may arise. What are the ethics (and legal ramifications) of mentioning someone by name on your blog? What if a future employer finds your blog? What if you have strong political opinions on your blog? And on and on. To think through some of these thorny issues that may arise, or that you may want to consider before they arise, I've assigned readings on blogging ethics and blogging legalities. I'm especially curious to know how you would respond to Rebecca Blood's guidelines, and also if (before reading these texts) you brought any particular ethical, professional, or legal concerns with you. If so, what are they?


At Tue Jan 31, 03:19:00 PM, Blogger Nicole said...

Before completing the readings for the day, I had considered the legal and ethical aspects of the blog I have created and the comments I post on other blogs. In today's society, legal action is prevalent and laws are dense and confusing. We are expected in this class to post and respond and link, but at what point could one of us say or do, even unknowingly, something that could have legal ramifications? Blogging has the feel of a personal journal but is arguably more public than a television or radio broadcast. Today's readings offered some guidelines on blogging etiquitte and ethics that help me, as a beginning blogger. I think the keys are to remember to always cite (via link) things that you reference, and when commenting remember not to attack or insult and to limit yourself to a critique of ideas and not people. Still, it's hard to believe that we can ever be entirely "safe." As discussed in class, an employer or a future employer could see your blog and, even if you haven't written anything harmful to the company or the calls your character into question, could terminate you or choose not to hire you. Blogging allows us a forum to say what we believe. But, we must be aware, that as is possible any time you speak your opinion, there are consequences, both good and bad. Hopefully, if we treat blogging with care and consideration, we will escape some of the negative consequences.


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