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Thursday, February 09, 2006

three blog entries

Irregardless is a word

Trent's is one of my favorite blogs to read. It gives me a good fix of celbrity gossip, but I also like the amount of personality he puts into it. This post is a good example of it. I've never met Trent, but I've gotten to know him through his postings. I bet we'd be good friends.


This one comes from one of my friend's blogs. I know there isn't much original writing in it, but that's why I like it. His audience is most likely his friends, family and people that know him and thus know his views on social and political issues. By just picking out quotes, he was able to convey his feelings, but still allow his readers to come to their own conclusions.

Anybody else have an ethics issue with this?

This post comes from Fred Vultee's copyediting blog. (Vultee is the j-school's resident copyediting guru.) I like it because it really creates a forum for conversation. The title itself opens it up for question. By placing the article first also allows readers to come to their own conclusions before reading Fred's. That is less intrusive and more welcoming for comments.


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