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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Arrangement/Design as voice

So the readings for today leave something to be desired: I'll readily admit that. What I was trying to gesture, towards, though, were aspects of "style" or "voice" that go beyond how you sound. How things are ordered or disordered, how they look, how they are arranged are also ways of affecting a person who comes to your blog.

But I did want you to marvel at all the ancient rhetorical figures for order. And if we take a cue from Ulmer, who uses lots of analogies to prompt invention, we might also be able to use some of these figures to prompt invention. What if we think about one or another of those figures not as a way to order text, but to order a page? Or what if we do use one of the figures to come up with a kind of blog entry that isn't like one of the "seven basic formats"?

Above all, though, the goal for today is to think in terms of design. Most everyone (including me) has a standard blogger template. A couple of you have altered that design a bit. How could you alter your design, both of the page and of the daily experience of your blog?

What kind of "voice" does your design--both your page design and the accumulation of your blog entries--bespeak?


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