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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Secrets from the conference

OK, not really secrets. But perhaps I got your attention?

I have a number of links on the schedule (link in the sidebar)to notes on blogging from the conference I attended the week before Spring Break. I would especially like to draw your attention to Clancy Ratliffe's presentation notes, because she asks some interesting questions and also because she offers a great graphic illustration of one of the topic's we'll be considering in some detail in the next couple of weeks: networks.

She also asks these questions, which will make more sense if you take a look at the presentation itself:

* Couldn't this same discussion have taken place on a listserv?
* How could P2P review be implemented in scholarly journals?
* Can P2P review be used in a deliberate and systematic way in the classroom? If so, how?

I'm especially in the first question: what makes blogs (or are blogs) different from a listserv or discussion board? What's gained/lost/changed across these different applications?

But because much of the talk was about how to use blogs in classrooms, I'm also interested in your own experience (outside of this class) in blogging as a class requirement. Could this notion of "peer to peer review" be implemented in, say, a journalism class? An upper-level literature class? Etc.


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