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Thursday, April 13, 2006

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After our captivating discussion today about microchips in your brain, I have am left with a lingering question: What the hell was half the class talking about? How did an article about a possible new medical procedure turn into attack of the Terminator? I understand that there are some ethical issues that go into these kind of procedures, that it could be tampering with human life, somehow turning it unnatural. But isn't it more wrong to deny ourselves our own greatness? If our natural abilities has led us to the discovery of this technology, shouldn't we take advantage of that? What is wrong would be to let die when life is an option. I see where some of my classmates were coming from, that it is just the first step to a Matrix-like reality. But come on, let's be reasonable here. It's like saying you shouldn't let people get an organ transplant, because that will lead to some real life Dr. Frankenstein taking the transplant procedure to the ultimate extreme, creating an entire new person out of transplanted body parts, kind of a living corpse and an abomination to the essence of life. But that probably won't happen and we all know that transplants are an amazing and wonderful thing. Although I must give the argument some credit, it IS intriguing. I myself have often wondered what is the limit of human potential. People are continuously getting bigger, and stronger, and smarter. We are living longer and technology is becoming an ever greater presence in our lives. Will humans continue to grow until we are all walking the Earth as half-robot Titans? or will we even stay on Earth? Will humans branch out to the farthest reaches of the galaxy? Where is the limit? Oh man, this is getting way too deep. I wish I had some kind of microchip to do this kind of thinking for me.


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