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Thursday, February 23, 2006

My new exercise

I totally agree with Steven Johnson that TV is good for you. I think that it definately CAN make you dumber, (I'm talking about pretty much every show on MTV. Seriously, those shows are so worthless it makes me sick) but it's so much more fun to learn from television and movies, and I think that's better because it keeps my attention, something really difficult for a lot of people. I read in an article back in high school (which I've been unable to find) that this multimedia generation is actually spawning children with so far unheard of hand-eye coordination. Think about it, skilled musicians and artists taking the arts to new places, or better even advanced surgery from more skilled surgeon. This article's hypothesis: computers and video games are breeding a generation of kids with the most intricate hand-eye coordination, and so in tuned with detail.
For this round of posting, I decided to try a little poetry. It's not really my thing, but I thought it would get my brain working in a new way. That is the task for today, right?


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