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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A question for 4040

So hey, I'm going to try to get some feedback on a particular question I have:

Is it better or worse to publish posts that I started last week? I mean, it shows up on the page, of course, but does anyone ever scroll down there and look for them? Should I just start adding recently finished posts at the top from now on?

Being new to blogging, I don't know if people surf the way I do. I usually go all over a page looking for comments and reading things, so I'm more likely to see new posts from a few days ago. Or do you tend to skim the newest story and move on?

I just want to make it easy for people to comment on my blog (post-december), so advice is appreciated!


At Tue Feb 14, 02:16:00 PM, Blogger Megan said...

I always put my new posts at the top, even if that means they're out of order chronologically. The other thing I've seen people do is to make a note in their newest post that they've posted some new stuff further down the page. It's up to you.

At Wed Feb 22, 01:33:00 AM, Blogger Jon said...

You can change the date, you know, so that the post appears at the top.

But if someone's reading your blog via an RSS feed, then they'll see when any post is changed on your front page.


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