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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Some good reading

I like this blog. Simply put, it's called THE NEWS BLOG. It has some good stuff, the mainstream news stories and also some small stories a lot of the big guys overlook. The writer(s) has a good style, very straightforward and sounds professional. It also has the face and personality that the huge news broadcasts lack. For an interesting take on breaking news, this blog is where it's at.

Another thing I've always been interested in is animation. NOT ANIME, I freaking hate anime. But real animation, for its wit, its simplicity, and its overall message of animation: the best thing about animation is that it engages our imagination, something which we allow to get lazy as we get older. But animation brings it back to us. And animation is limitless. No need for technological special effects, or stunt doubles, or million dollar sets. One is only restricted to the reaches of their creativity. Check out Cartoon Brew for the classics and the best fresh animation coming out. Oh by the way, Check out Bill Plympton's work. He's an animating genious, way better than the more celebrated Don Hertzfeldt. I'd like to write more on Plympton's work, but it might not be entirely appropriate for the class blog. See my blog for some incite on Plymptoons coming soon.


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