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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Reflective assignment for Tuesday

Because we are now at midterm (and at the end of another unit), it seems like a good time to assess where you are and where we as a class are. With that in mind, I would like to ask you to complete the following set of reflective activities before class on Tuesday (the 7th):

(1) Which one or two of your own blog entries do you most like or find most "blog-like"? Write a paragraph or so in which you talk about the features of this entry (or these entries) that caused you to select it.

(2) Now do the same for two or three of your fellow class members' blogs.

(3) Post the above paragraphs to either your own or the class blog, with links to the appropriate entries.

(4) In an email message to me, evaluate where you think you stand in relation to the course requirements, which I'm copying from the syllabus. As you'll recall, we agreed in class that meeting these requirements would constitute a B.
  • Maintain an individual blog and write substantial entries at least three times weekly, beginning no later than week 3 (40%)
  • Contribute at least one entry per week to the class “mother blog,” where the focus will be on metablogging (10%)
  • Contribute generative comments to class blog and to class members’ individual blogs: aim for at least two comments per week on class blog and at least one comment every other week on class members’ blog (20%)
  • Give two 10-15 oral presentations to class: (1) how-to presentation to enhance blogging, and (2) discussion-prompter on blogs in the news (10%)
  • Create an electronic portfolio at the end of the semester to highlight your best blogging (20%)
(5) In that same email message, tell me what I could do to make the class more helpful for you, what you already find helpful, and what questions/concerns you have.


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