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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I don't really like that idea.

I don't like the idea of a grade pitch. I'm definately going to do it, and I know it could be beneficial for me, but does anyone else feel like we(the students) have just gone a bit to far? I think all the work we've been doing is our grade pitch. The quality of our work should be the argument for the value of our grade. This typed argument for our grade seems to be an attempt to rationalize receiving a higher grade than we deserve. I'm sure Donna understands this, and I hope that my blogging on my own blog is a much stronger case than a typed plea for an A.


At Tue Apr 25, 03:20:00 PM, Blogger Nicole said...

I can see both sides. I definitely fall more to the "no grade pitch" side. I see it mostly being an argument of yourself versus everyone else. your portfolio serves as a reminder of what you've done well and demonstrates that you've learned what is good blogging and what isn't. However, I can see putting things in your "grade pitch" that might not be obvious. That is, for example, on my blog I didn't have a blog roll or links or anything. I probably could have used blogger to figure it out. But, I made the effort to "hack the code" myself, and find and modify the blogger images for "blogroll," etc. Donna may not know I did this. So, the "grade pitch" comes in handy. But, again, I don't like the concept of pleading for a grade. Overall, your work should stand on its own.

At Wed Apr 26, 09:26:00 PM, Blogger Marissa said...

No offense, I really like you both, but this post is ridiculous.

1.In the real world, it's yourself vs. everyone else. Would you go into a job interview saying "pick someone else, because I don't want to persuade you I'm more qualified than Joe Q"? Of course not. I like the grade pitch/portfolio because it teaches you how to market yourself...and I think if someone can market themselves well enough to earn a better grade, more power to them.

2.If you're really so confident in the quality of your blog, why do you care about the grade pitch anyway? From my perspective, this post seems like an attempt to suck up to Donna...and also an attempt to punish the people you believe will end up with a better grade than YOU think they deserve.

At Thu Apr 27, 05:53:00 PM, Blogger Steve said...

This ISN'T the real world! It's a class in school. The real world is the world past school where yeah, pitches are necessary, because I agree that it is you vs. everyone else, but we're not competing for grades here. Everyone can get an A, but only if their work merits that. Not because you're like, "I see that you may think I deserve a B, but here's why I think I should get an A." If the teacher thinks you should get a B, then you should get a B. And I'm not just talking about this class, that goes for every class so you can forget about sucking up to Donna. If that's what you think I'm about, I suggest you read my post, "My last day as a punk" And why would I care what anyone else in the class recieves? In my opinion, everyone has got a good blog going. I think the portfolio is a good idea because it's a good final project for the class, kind of like a term paper. I'm going to do a grade pitch, only because it's required, but I'm just saying that students shouldn't have a say in the grade given by a teacher. Effort is the student's way of earning a grade.


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